Moment of Memory (2013)

The video installation Moment of Memory deals with various memories that often exist only as small fragments that cannot be pieced back together into a recognizable context. The work conveys the way we treat these memories, some we wish to forget, while others we would like to relive again or relive in a different way.

The installation makes use of old as well as new films produced in Super 8 style and shown in an associative order. The spectator can manipulate the images with the help of a flashlight and thus experience the moving pictures as if they were in a dream. This unique form of interaction is enabled by a program using a combination of Processing and OpenCV, which recognizes and processes the light projected onto the screen via a webcam. Using this interface, the visitor can play with different aesthetics and combine them individually.

Through this work, I have started to be interested in interaction design and designing technology for people.